Introducing New HSD Premium Partner: Trident Search

02 Jun 2023
Author: HSD Foundation
Sean Hendon

Trident Search has recently become an HSD Premium Partner. The company was launched in 2020 by co-founders Josh Keeley and Charlee-Ben Ryman and has grown rapidly to become established as the go-to provider for cyber security recruitment. Working in eleven countries, they have become a trusted partner to over 120 companies and play a crucial role in helping them to build high-performing teams to protect their business-critical assets. To learn more about the company and its ambitions we spoke to Sean Hendon, Head of the Cyber Vendor team at Trident Search.


Could you describe what it is Trident Search does?


Trident Search is a staffing agency specialising in cyber security. We work across the industry, sourcing the best talent for vendors, end users and professional services organisations. The business has been active in the Netherlands for three years now, working exclusively with startup organisations from pre-seed through to Series B. We play a fundamental role in helping our Dutch clients to grow their businesses by advising on hiring strategy and sourcing the right talent for key roles as they scale.


How did you first get into contact with HSD?


With major institutions like the European Cybercrime Centre Europol (EC3), the National Cyber Security Centre and NATO Communications and Information Agency based in the Hague, the city is a European hub for cyber security. We were initially attracted by the vast network of cyber security companies and government and knowledge institutions operating there and have founded a solid base of clients over the last three years.


We were therefore aware of HSD as the most influential ecosystem in the Netherlands. Through our network in the Dutch cyber community, we were referred to HSD as a potential partner and were thrilled to start discussions around joining given the groups stellar reputation.


Why did your organisation become a premium partner of HSD?


The Netherlands is a thriving cyber hub within EMEA, and with the Dutch entrepreneurial spirit and access to cyber infrastructure, we expect it to keep growing in global importance. Through HSD, we can join events and meetups that place us amongst a cluster of exciting start-up organisations. Using our industry knowledge and recruitment expertise, we hope to work with these companies to inform their hiring strategies and help other partners to build-out commercial and product teams. Our aim is to continue adding value to the Dutch cyber community.


What kind of added value do you see in this partnership?


As the first specialist recruitment partner in the HSD, we envisage our value being as the right partner to aid growth in cyber organisations by supporting the build-out of specialist teams.


Ultimately, we want to become a trusted partner to startup businesses. We have an in-depth understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing startups in the Netherlands and are keen to work with founders from the very start of the scaling process. Early hires have the potential to make or break a company, so our role is to guide founders on how to avoid costly mistakes in the hiring process and ensure their business has the firmest foundations for growth.


From our side, being in the HSD has provided us with our first European base outside of the UK. With the aim of growing our team in the country, this is the perfect location to have our first feet on the ground.


What would you say your organisation adds to the security cluster, in terms of knowledge/expertise/experience?


For the past three years we have worked with a vast range of Dutch startups and have a unique understanding of the business landscape cyber companies are operating in. Trident Search can therefore act as an advisor to help companies navigate the obstacles to becoming fully established. We’ve taken companies in the Netherlands from startup to IPO and acquisition, and from a headcount of just 20 to 100.


We’ve therefore got the experience and knowledge to help the cluster grow and develop. With our global footprint we’re also in a good position to support companies to expand internationally, drawing on our understanding of different regulations and effective hiring strategies in cyber hubs around the world.


What does your organisation view as challenges in the security domain?

As cyber-attacks become increasingly sophisticated and the threat landscape more diverse, cyber security will continue to be a major focus for governments, businesses, and individuals around the world. Yet despite the growing importance of cyber resilience, the industry is affected by a skills shortage that is leaving organisations vulnerable to threats.


The outcome of all this is that organisations across both the private and public sectors have weaker security systems than they should. This puts all their employees, customers and affiliates at risk of data breaches, privacy violations, financial fraud and other adverse consequences.


What is your organisation’s ambition for the coming years?


Our key motivation is to build out our capabilities in new markets. We now have members of the team primarily focussed on developing our influence and reach in the East and Central US regions, as well as consultants concentrating on the Middle East market. With this base in the Hague, our vision is to increase headcount in the Netherlands and work with local Dutch recruiters to expand our influence in this market too.


The core ambition is to become the go-to provider across all global markets and cement Trident Search as the premier cyber recruitment agency on a global scale, a goal we are already making good progress towards.


Whether you need advice on the cyber skillset needed in your organisation, or help developing a people roadmap, we have the expert knowledge to find the most talented professionals for your business.


Lastly, please get in touch with us if you would like to find out more:

Sean Hendon

T: +447960181909

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