Introducing New HSD Premium Partner: Bizway

29 Nov 2023
Author: HSD Foundation
Bart Lageweg, Bizway

Bizway recently signed on as a premium partner of Security Delta (HSD). This company offers support to ensure their clients’ IT functions and continues to function. Bizway does this by taking responsibility when it comes to technical maintenance, but also by staying up to date when it comes to the latest developments in the field of security. To learn more about the company we sat down with its founder Bart Lageweg in their Bodegraven-based office.


Bart Lageweg founded Bizway 25 years ago, where he got started helping clients with cases deemed very complex. This start served as the base of the services the company offers now. Over the last 10 years Bizway has been active in restoring organisations after large cyber-attacks. Their speciality is in getting critical systems back up and running as soon as possible in a safe manner.


How did you get in touch with Security Delta (HSD)?


"We’ve followed Security Delta for a while and saw a lot of what you posted on social media. Obviously, your ecosystem is quite big, so we spoke to partners in passing during events and such as well. What drew me to HSD is that you come across as a bit more rebellious than other similar organisations in the Netherlands. We’re seeing a lot of organisations in the sector fusing, which I imagine would lead to organisations we’re eyeing as partners and clients not being able to get what they need there. HSD seems like a great fit in that regard."


What are you hoping the premium partnership will bring?


"At Bizway we are always looking for possible partnerships. In our business you always want to have a list of organisations and people you can depend on when an incident takes place. You need people you can depend on, even when you’re calling them at 8PM on a Friday. We have about 50 employees at Bizway, but we can help very large clients because of our extensive network of partners that we can trust blindly."


"Right now we’re hoping to connect with parties that want to take ownership after incidents. That might be in terms of project management or purely cybersecurity, many angles are possible. Another interesting party for us would be accountancy firms that are in charge of auditing. Either way, there’s many interesting organisations out there we would like to work with and we look forward to building those partnerships in the HSD ecosystem!"


What do you think the biggest challenge in security is right now?


"Of course, keeping organisations secure can be challenging, but there’s a lot of new legislation and new government-issued rules on the way that many are not prepared for. These new rules will need to be enforced across so many businesses at the same time sometime in the next few years. Consider the requirements of locating all your cloud storage in Europe, for example. 1 million companies will have to take that into account, which is a massive group that are all scrambling to comply."


"Organisations need to be aware of changes on the way and to prepare in time. This is an issue the whole market is facing. Don’t wait until it’s too late!"


"Especially in the transport and logistics sector we are seeing a lot of businesses that aren’t aware of this yet. We’re seeing that as soon as the law changes there’s a lot of unrest since everyone needs to act at the same time. Something we really want to stress as Bizway is organisations need to be aware of changes on the way and to prepare in time. This is an issue the whole market is facing. Don’t wait until it’s too late!"





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