Innovation Hub The Hague for Safety and Security Has Opened at the HSD Campus

17 Feb 2023
Author: HSD Foundation

If you want to know how to protect a city with smart technology, you can contact the Innovation Hub The Hague for Safety and Security at the HSD Campus in The Hague from today! On 16 February the hub was officially opened by alderman Kavita Parbhudayal of and by Chief of Police Paul van Musscher of The Hague. 


The projects in the hub focus on monitoring & security, and crowd management. By cooperating in the early stages of development all the way to operational use, effective innovations are centre stage. 


Crowd Safety Manager

One of the projects in the innovation hub is the crowd safety manager. In the summer of 2022, a trial was conducted with this digital crowd manager in Scheveningen, investigating how digital technology and data can help to manage crowds in the seaside resort. The digital map shows where it is busy but also predicts where crowds can arise. This way the municipality, the police, emergency services and event organisations can better anticipate and take preventive actions. The 3D dashboard does this by combining several anonymous data sources. For example, the system anonymously counts the number of people on the boulevard and looks at information from public transport, parking data, weather forecasts and traffic density.


Other technologies

Other innovations that are showcased during the opening are Virtual Reality based training materials and real time monitoring of the harbour amongst others. The police and the municipality The Hague innovate for a secure society. The application of technology can give new insights and interventions, make operations more efficient but also need to be well thought through. Protecting public values and safe operations in the front line.


Opening innovatiehub


Impact Coalition Safety & Security

The goal of the innovation hub is that other cities and police units in the Netherlands also benefit from the knowledge that is gained. The experiences are shared through the Impact Coalition Safety & Security. This national smart society collaboration between municipalities, police, knowledge institutions and companies is supported by the Association of Netherlands Municipalities (VNG) and Security Delta (HSD).


Read the official press release in Dutch and view all photo's.

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