IFFC Survey: Preparation for the National Financial Security Agreement

17 Jan 2023
Author: HSD Foundation

Last year, various reports have been published addressing cooperation in preventing and combating financial crime. The main topics covered were money laundering, the role of gatekeepers and the role of financial institutions. Some see confirmation in these reports that the Netherlands is making strides in the battle against money laundering, whereas others see room for improvement.


Following the reports, the Institute for Financial Crime took the initiative to establish a National Financial Security Agreement (NAFV). In this, the opportunities and possibilities in collaborations are considered. During two exploratory sessions input was collected on the Agreement.


A standout observation was that participants mostly agreed in their views of vulnerabilities, and their wish for collaboration. An important question to answer was why collaboration is difficult to initiate, and not always seen as effective in practice. Additionally, many reported seeing positive developments, and that some initiatives are effectively scaling up their capacity.


To make optimal use of these findings, they were included in an IFFC survey.  


The survey consists of four parts:

1.         Purpose: What should be the ultimate goal of NAFV?

2.         Retrospective: root causes / analyses (complementing what we already know / have)

3.         How to proceed: solutions / project ideas / process ideas / which innovations to exploit / best practices

4.         Preconditions: what do we need to establish to make the way forward successful?


More information on the survey (in Dutch).

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