Hungarian Cybersecurity Entrepreneurs Introduced to Dutch Cybersecurity Ecosystem

29 Sep 2023
Author: HSD Foundation

A large delegation of Hungarian cyber security entrepreneurs is currently on a roadshow in the Benelux region. Security Delta (HSD), InnovationQuarter, Digital Trust Center, NCSC and NATO Communication and Information Agency were graciously invited to join them at the Hungarian Embassy in The Hague for a vibrant gathering. This gathering was an occasion to exchange knowledge and ideas about cybersecurity, deepdive into the Dutch cybersecurity ecosystem and international cooperation.


The Netherlands boasts a vast network of cybersecurity businesses, knowledge institutions and organisations, with a core in The Hague. Therefore, it is a strategic and noteworthy stop for Hungarian cybersecurity entrepreneurs as they tour the Benelux region.


The gathering was kickstarted with a welcoming speech held by Hungarian ambassador András Kocsis. Afterwards, different speakers were invited to speak and shared perspective on the Dutch cyber security approach. 


Pieter Schneider (HSD) and Martijn van Hoogenhuijze (IQ) presented the Dutch cybersecurity ecosystem to the delegation and shared insights on The Netherlands as a secure digital gateway for Europe.


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