HSD Presents Annual Plan 2022

26 Nov 2021
Author: HSD Foundation

On 25 November, the HSD Community came together during the online HSD Annual Meeting where general director Joris den Bruinen and head Innovation Liaisons Saskia Noordewier reflected on the results of 2021 and presented the annual plan for 2022.


Saskia Noordewier: "Looking back at 2021, we can say it was a constructive year in which we have made big steps towards the ambitions of our Strategy 2021-2025. Despite the COVID-19 situation, we have realised almost all our targets, picket up additional initiatives and kept our community thriving. Therefore, we would like to thank our partners, stakeholders and the HSD Office colleagues. We have also managed to gather additional funding for several programmes and therefore expanded our HSD Office team with three new colleagues.”


Highlights 2021

In 2021 we have realised most of our targets and created outcome value together with our partners. We invested in ways to facilitated knowledge sharing by organising HSD Cafes & roundtables and by launching a Trendmonitor and www.securityinsight.nl. On this platform 100+ experts share almost 600 blogs, reports, podcasts, security alerts, events and innovations.   


Concrete steps have been taken to enhance the cyber resilience of the horticulture sector, regarding AI we have setup several new initiatives and invested in building the AI community and we executed multiple programmes part of the Human Capital Agenda Security.


In addition, we introduced our new name ‘Security Delta (HSD) and created a concrete overview of our products & services on our renewed website: www.securitydelta.nl.

Overview HSD products



Annual plan 2022: highlights

During the meeting the highlights of the annual plan were presented. In 2022, we will focus on deepening the ecosystem through more connections with end users by organising more market consultation sessions. As we did with CBR and Hoogheemraadschap Rijnland in 2021. 


Ten innovation programmes will be executed in collaboration with at least 100 organisations. For example we will invest in improving the cyber resilience of SMEs in the Hague region and beyond with our new Cyber Kracht programme. We will amplify the website www.ikhebcyberkracht.nl, develop HSD Talks & Tools for SMEs and refer to existing initiatives and instruments.


As discussed with our Advisory Board, we will perform a market analysis on expected employer needs and developments in education and training. The conclusions and recommendations will be the base for the new Human Capital Agenda for the upcoming years.


Joris den Bruinen: “HSD is a non-profit organisation that ‘thinks, dares and acts’. We build bridges between public and private organisations, provide insight into their needs and setup programmes as an independent process manager. This way we take care of the preconditions for a successful security cluster, which aims to strengthening the Dutch economy and making the Netherlands more digitally resilient. In 2022 we will again fully commit to this joint ambition in close collaboration with our partners and stakeholders. Because I believe that only by joining forces and making connections on personal level, we can make a difference”.

Click here for the annual plan 2022.


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