HSD Kicks Off Programme 'Cyber Kracht' to Make Entrepreneurs More Digitally Aware and Resilient

30 Oct 2021
Author: HSD Foundation

Security Delta (HSD) has launched a new programme aimed at making entrepreneurs more cyber resilient. We do this by providing practical information, specific tools and connecting entrepreneurs to cybersecurity specialists. Cyber Kracht has been established with funding from the 'Kansen voor West' programme, which aims to give the economy in the 'Randstad' an innovative boost. 'Kansen voor West' is funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) / REACT EU. 


Cybersecurity platform

Part of the programme is www.ikhebcyberkracht.nl. This cybersecurity platform, initially for entrepreneurs from the The Hague region, has been launched today and will be enriched upcoming periode. Cyber Kracht contains useful tips and tricks for a more digitally secure enterprise. There is a plethora of existing cybersecurity content for large, medium and small businesses and at Cyber ​​Kracht, this information is bundled to give entrepreneurs a clear overview.


Digital resilience

Cyber Kracht features videos of entrepeneurs who learn more about cybersecurity along with supporting tools. Hereby, we aim to create awareness that they will fall victim to cybercrime sooner or later, which is why we provide a collection of useful tools to become more cyber resilient. For example, Pepijn Vissers of Chapter8 explains to restaurant owner Alexander, how he can protect his private data by implementing a few simple changes such as WiFi segmentation.


More to come

And this is just the beginning. We’re working hard to expand the collection of content with podcasts, tutorials and infographics. In addition to an online presence, we aim to meet the entrepeneurs face to face. For example, in collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce and the Municipality of The Hague, we will attend events such as “Den Haag Onderneemt!” on November 30th at the Fokker Terminal. Here, cyber specialists will enter into discussions with entrepreneurs who fell victim to cyber attacks and how that impacted their personal life and business. The online marketing campaign will start mid-November and in 2022 the programme will be expanded and targeted to the remainder of the Netherlands.


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