Help Counter BEC-Fraud: Share Suspicious E-mails

07 Sep 2022
Author: HSD Foundation

TNO and The Hague cybercrimeteam of the Dutch Police have developed a platform named ‘BEC-off’. Entrepreneurs and companies in The Netherlands can use this platform to help fight against Business E-mail Compromise (BEC) Fraud by sharing suspicious e-mails.


BEC Fraud encompasses criminals trying to steal money from entrepreneurs using social engineering techniques via e-mail. Criminals steal salaries or intercept and adjust invoices, and quickly purchase gift cards or make use of other cash-out methods. Often, e-mails seem to be originated from administration, the CEO or CFO.


How can you help?

If you suspect an email to be fraudulous, you can savely submit the e-mail via the ‘BEC-off’ platform and share it with TNO. You can do so by dragging the e-mail from the e-mail programme, or by uploading the content of the e-mail. TNO will investigate the submitted e-mails for characteristics, similarities and differences, in order to be able to distinguish modus operandi. Together, new ways of countering BEC fraud can be defined. For more information about the research, click here.



This research is primarily conducted by TNO, with The Hague cybercrimeteam of the Dutch Police as a knowledge partner. Other partners such as the DTC and the NBIP are connected to publicize the platform and to disseminate the acquired knowledge in the network. New partners are always welcome. Individual e-mails are not visible to partners. Read more about terms, conditions and privacy.


Within the HSD programme BEC-Fraud other ways of countering cyber criminals in this field are being developed.

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