Dutch AI Coalition Discusses the Impact of ChatGPT and Algorithm Transparency in the Security and Justice Sector

25 Jan 2023
Author: HSD Foundation

On Tuesday January 24, the working group Security, Peace, and Justice of the Dutch AI Coalition (NLAIC), had their first session of the year. This session was organised by the chair and coordinator of Security Delta (HSD). The working group brings together people from the public and private sector as well as knowledge institutions to keep each other informed about relevant developments in the field of AI and security.


ChatGPT was one of the main topics of the session. Speaker Remy Gieling provided a thorough overview of ChatGPT and the social dynamics around OpenAI, as well as the foreseen impact of generative AI. This was followed by a discussion on ChatGPT, as participants explained how the tool could impact their field. This included remarks by the Dutch National Police on the potential of chatbots, for example for pressing charges. TNO touched on the development of a Dutch language model (NAIN), and by the Hague University of Applied Sciences commented on risks and opportunities for the education sector.


The next topic of discussion revolved around the implementation of an algorithm register in the municipality of Amsterdam for the purpose of transparency and awareness, with questions asked by the Ministry of Justice and Security. Lastly, Ben Kokkeler provided the participants with insights from his work as director of the Centre for Security and Digitalisation Oost-NL while setting up a learning community, as well as his work with the Impact Coalition of Safety and Security on Smart Public Safety.

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