Dutch startup TAURIA opens a new office at the HSD Campus

30 Jun 2022
Author: InnovationQuarter

Dutch cybersecurity startup TAURIA, active in encrypted video conferencing, announced the opening of its new office in The Hague. The ecosystem of the city has made a great impression on TAURIA with its business value and now TAURIA’s new European office can call the Security Delta (HSD) a home.


A secure medium for online communications

TAURIA is a spin-off from the University of Waterloo in Canada. Founded in 2022, the startup provides ‘Military Grade’ communication tools, such as encrypted video conferences. In 2020, during the height of the pandemic thousands of teams were forced into remote work, but existing work tools weren’t ready enough for this kind of setup. Now is the moment to safeguard confidential business information and meet privacy regulations. TAURIA was founded, to resolve the privacy issue caused by the existing video communication tools by building a next generation video conference tool for remote and hybrid teams that would respect their privacy, make them more productive, and make their work more fun.         

Designed in the Netherlands, built around the world

TAURIA will be headquartered in The Hague, the Netherlands and has an office in Canada. Most of the team members work from home in different countries around the world, such as Brazil, South Africa, and the USA.  There are countless applications into which TAURIA can deliver value.  By providing a private environment industries such as life sciences, legal, military and others can find a secure medium for online communications.


“TAURIA is proud to be in the Security Delta (HSD), the core of the cybersecurity-industry in Europe.  Our unique secure and easy to use solution will more easily identify experts in the field to comprehend our solution’s immense benefits.” commented Jesse Thé, company’s founder and CEO.

InnovationQuarter and the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency were fundamental in attracting TAURIA to The Hague. TAURIA will have direct access to Europe’s prime cybersecurity hub, the Security Delta (HSD), in the Greater Rotterdam – The Hague area.

TAURIA becomes part of a very suitable ecosystem. “In fact, about 32% of all Dutch cybersecurity firms are based in the Greater Rotterdam – The Hague area”, said Philip Meijer, Senior Account Manager Cybersecurity at InnovationQuarter.

HSD Partners involved

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