DataExpert Acquires Mediarecovery and Safesqr

03 Jun 2024
Author: HSD Foundation

DataExpert has bought 100% of shares in the Polish companies Media Sp. z o.o. (owner of the Mediarecovery brand) and Safesqr Sp. z o.o.. The owners of Media and Safesqr retain a capital stake in the group and continue in their current C-level positions. The acquisition is supported by DataExpert’s majority owner, Bridgepoint, the global private equity group. Bridgepoint announced a strategic investment in DataExpert in 2023 via its Bridgepoint Development Capital IV (“BDC IV”) fund, which focuses on investing in mid-market growth businesses across Europe.


The transaction is the result of the tightening of the long-standing cooperation between the companies. The entities share a very similar operating model, similar scale and international ambitions. The companies are joining forces to increase the importance of both entities on the European market and to take advantage of the synergies like complementary competencies, the creation of common products and the ability to serve selected customers at the international level.


Operationally, Media and Safesqr will operate under their own brands, in accordance with their existing plans and budgets. Management and organizational structure will also remain unchanged.


Mediarecovery is a leader in the Polish digital forensics market, providing technology to fight crime and cybercrime to Polish institutions and companies. Safesqr is a dynamically growing expert company supporting institutional clients in the area of cybersecurity. The two, capital-linked entities employ more than 80 people.


DataExpert’s mission is to empower law enforcement, military, intelligence agencies, customs, other government organizations, banks, telecommunication companies, insurance companies, and other commercial enterprises to fight (cyber)crime and fraud and protect organizations against (cyber)criminals. To this aim, DataExpert delivers a wide portfolio of digital forensics, analytics, and cybersecurity solutions and services to its customers.


“Our customers are set to greatly benefit from the synergy of this combined team and the future innovation and development of our solutions and services.”


Both Malycha and Bakker look forward to building further on DataExpert’s safety and security mission and help its customers as a technology and knowledge partner in the field of cybercrime and cybersecurity. The acquisition fits perfectly in DataExpert’s strategy to be Europe’s market leader in this field of expertise. 


Source: DataExpert


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