Cybersecurity Tips for Entrepreneurs in The Hague During a Culinary Journey Through the City

11 Aug 2023
Author: HSD Foundation

On Friday 15 September, Security Delta (HSD) will organise the 'Cyber Kracht Food Tour' in collaboration with Bites & Stories, InstinKct and Studio Romana Siemons. This innovative initiative aims to increase awareness of entrepreneurs in The Hague on cybercrime and to inform them on how to protect their small businesses.


"The Cyber ​​Kracht Food Tour offers a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs in The Hague to become more aware of the dangers of cybercrime, meet peers and enjoy some snacks provided by local restaurants," says Manon Verdiesen, InstinKct. Kerensa van der Sluys of Bites & Stories says: "Eating and storytelling turn out to be a tasty combination for success! In the past 8 years we saw how snacks & stories enhance people’s listening - participants remember details from A to Z."


Cyber ​​criminals are increasingly shifting their attention to smaller companies: for the first time, SMEs are more often targeted than large organisations and no less than 69% of self-employed persons have already been hit by cybercriminals. As the Dutch security cluster, Security Delta (HSD) focuses on increasing the cyber resilience of small entrepreneurs via the Cyber ​​Kracht programme. By providing them with valuable knowledge and practical tips to protect themselves and their businesses against hackers.



Are you interested in enjoying some tasty snacks while learning how to stay one step ahead of hackers during a 2.5-hour walk? We're giving away 10 tickets! Don't miss this unique opportunity and sign up! Among the registrations we raffle 10 tickets. The winners will receive a personal message.

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