Cybersecurity Threats Fast-Forward 2030

14 Nov 2022
Author: HSD Foundation

On 11 November, the European Union Agency for Cybersecurity (ENISA) released an infographic that highlights the top cybersecurity threats likely to emerge by 2030. ENISA has identified and ranked the 10 top cybersecurity threats, after engaging in an 8-month foresight exercise. With the support of the ENISA Foresight Expert Group, the CSIRTs Network and the EU CyCLONe experts, ENISA brainstormed in a Threat Identification Workshop to find solutions to the emerging challenges in the horizon of 2030.


What are the TOP 10 emerging cybersecurity threats?

  • Supply chain compromise of software dependencies
  • Advanced disinformation campaigns
  • Rise of digital surveillance authoritarianism/loss of privacy
  • Human error and exploited legacy systems within cyber-physical ecosystems
  • Targeted attacks enhanced by smart device data
  • Lack of analysis and control of space-based infrastructure and objects
  • Rise of advanced hybrid threats
  • Skills shortage
  • Cross-border ICT service providers as a single point of failure
  • Artificial intelligence abuse


The exercise shows that the threats identified and ranked stand as extremely diversified and still include those mostly relevant today. What was learned, is that today's threats will remain to be addressed as they will have shifted in character. They also observed that increased dependencies and the popularisation of new technologies are essential factors driving the changes. Such factors add to the complexity of the exercise and thus make the understanding of threats even more challenging.


The foresight analysis is an essential tool to assess how threats are likely to evolve. The conclusions of this exercise are meant to serve as an incentive to take action.


The infographic is available here.


Read the official press release.

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