Call: International Market Entry Coaching Programme for SMEs in the The Hague Region

07 Dec 2021
Author: HSD Foundation

Is your business based in The Hague region? And are you dreaming of lucrative success with our German neighbours or tapping into the market potential of the United Kingdom? The Hague Business Agency and InnovationQuarter offer ambitious SMEs an International Market Entry Coaching programme. A unique programme to help your business flourish that will be held for the third time. An Intensive, personal guidance with workshops and relevant contacts to make that successful international step. The programme is part of the SME deal, comprising regional support for SMEs in the Hague region. The initiative is run by InnovationQuarter and The Hague Business Agency on behalf of the Municipality of The Hague. Participation is free of charge.


Nine months of business bootcamp 

The International Market Entry Coaching programme prepares you for successful business entry to Germany or the United Kingdom in just nine months. Experts from The Hague Business Agency, InnovationQuarter, the German-Dutch Chamber of Commerce and the Netherlands British Chamber of Commerce present joint workshops and offer personal guidance. The ultimate goal is to help you plan for optimal success, rather than being thrown in at the deep end. Does that appeal to you?


Joint workshops include:

  • Marketing and PR
  • Cultural awareness
  • Legal and taxes

Personal guidance:

  • Country strategy planning with native experts 
  • Market analyses
  • Marketing strategy
  • Legal and fiscal advice
  • Contact with trade representatives and importers 
  • Contact with marketing and PR agencies

Extra benefits:

  • The guidance programme is free of charge
    • Access to networking events


Participation conditions 

The Hague Business Agency and InnovationQuarter help to maximise your business success. But they expect certain things from you in return. Although participation is free of charge, there is a time cost. You can expect to spend two or three half-days per month on different parts of the programme and we would like you to be present for the joint elements. If there is absolutely no way for you to attend, the organisations request that you are represented by a decision maker from your company. That also anticipate that you will share your experiences through interviews or short presentations to inspire other entrepreneurs in The Hague region. 


Apply before 1 Februari 2022!

All SMEs in The Hague region with serious cross-border ambitions can apply for the International Market Entry Coaching programme. Do not be deterred just because you think certain sectors have a better chance of success. The programme is open to all products and services. You can apply online for the programme till 1 February 2022


Selection of participants

To become successful in Germany or the United Kingdom, you need more than a dream and a good dose of entrepreneurial flair. The selection committee assesses applications based on the following criteria.


  • Overall impression of business activities 
  • Motivation of the entrepreneur
  • Feasibility and potential for the German or British markets
  • Fit between the ambitions of the entrepreneur and the programme
  • Current business indicators
  • Scalability of the product or service

For more information visit the website of InnovationQuarter.

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