Join Cybersecurity Globaliser 2022: an Internationalisation Readiness Programme

02 Mar 2022
Author: HSD Foundation

After successful 2020 & 2021 editions, Dutch Basecamp, InnovationQuarter and HSD will organise a third Globaliser Cybersecurity in 2022. The Globaliser is an internationalisation readiness programme dedicated to kickstart the international expansion of (tech)scale-ups. The Globaliser selects eight scale-ups that have the potential to positively impact the cyber industry on a global scale. The programme will run from April 2022 till July 2022.



A twelve-week programme for the international growth of Cybersecurity scale-ups. They use DutchBasecamp’s tools, network and unique approach to build a solid internationalisation strategy. 

After finishing the globaliser participants will have:

  • A validated international target market
  • A GTM strategy for that market
  • A solid international roadmap which will give you practical guidance on the next steps to take

The Globaliser consists of four sprints. Each sprint contains a plenary session, specific homework and individual coaching by a very experienced entrepreneur. With coaching, network and validation start-ups get the confidence to channel their precious resources into unfamiliar territories with conviction.


Programme Details

  • When: April 2022 - July 2022
  • Participation fee: € 3.000,--

The Globaliser is organised by Dutch Basecamp, InnovationQuarter and HSD.


More information and register here


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