Unleashing Cyber Security

25 October 2018 - 26 October 2018
De Rode Hoed, Amsterdam
Organised by:
Global Executive Events

Cyber attacks and data breaches like skimming, insider threats, corruption of sensitive data, and critical infrastructure disruptions are ranked as the top threats to business continuity for companies. Ever-increasing sophistication of threats, combined with expanded responsibilities for cyber professionals, mean there is the need to innovate rapidly to stay ahead of the curve.

Being a cybersecurity leader now means coping with a growing role, facing new demands of visibility into our operations, new expectations for information and privacy protection. Today’s InfoSec and cybersecurity leaders need to be equipped with the knowledge, insights and inspiration to conquer information security challenges and enable intelligent security decision-making. But how to adapt? How to transform? How to prepare for emerging technologies? How to scale your cybersecurity to support and grow digital business?


The Goal Of This Event

The objective of this two-day conference is to bring together cross-industry cyber and information security sector leaders to discuss current and future projects that address the key cybersecurity trends and issues in business.


Points Of Discussion

  • Cyber threats and attacks: digital business capabilities are accessed anywhere, by anyone from any device at any time, while attackers continue to innovate
  • The Internet of Things: addressing vulnerabilities whilst meeting customers’ high expectations of login and connectivity
  • Smart and resilient infrastructure: maintaining and securing legacy systems and harnessing new security platform opportunities  
  • From blockchain to supply chain: diagnosing, monitoring and managing third party risks to protect company assets as the supply chain extends
  • Cyberthreats against customers: how to protect the business against fraud and abuse from fake social media accounts, malvertising, phishing and malicious bots
  • Cloud risks and opportunities: monitoring and controlling cloud computing for the best business outcomes 
  • The InfoSec professional of the future: defining the role of the cybersecurity leader of the future, and identifying critical skillsets required in your teams
  • The evolving regulatory landscape:  agile responses to new requirements like the GDPR that balance data sharing and transparency with privacy, security and governance