IT/Cyber Security Role Model Event on International Women's Day

08 March 2024
15:30h - 17:00h
Equals clubhouse, Raamgracht 6 in Amsterdam
Organised by:
Equals, endorsed by HSD

Join the Equals Clubhouse to celebrate the Role Models of the campaign for International Women's Day 2024.


Research shows that role models are crucial to inspire women and young girls to take steps into the IT and security sector/functions. Therefore, Equals started an annual role model campaign. It consists of a national out-of-home campaign via abri’s and through social media to reach more than 5 million people combined. Click here for an impression of last year's campaign. Cities where the posters can be displayed are: The Hague, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Utrecht, Apeldoorn and Groningen.


Security Delta is endorsing partner of this campaign. 

HSD Partners involved