HSD Lunch & Talk: ‘When Privacy and Security Clash': How To Implement Security Measures That Are GDPR-Proof

09 January 2023
12:00h - 13:00h
HSD Campus
Organised by:
HSD Office en Campus

To encourage knowledge sharing and encounters, we colour our network lunches on the HSD Campus with interesting topics. Speakers share their knowledge and expertise twice a month during a short pitch, giving tips or stimulating discussion. We do this during a delicious lunch under the title: 'HSD Lunch & Talk'.


The topic of this Lunch & Talk is ‘When privacy and security clash: how to implement security measures that are GDPR-proof.' Joyce de Jong is director of the consultancy department and senior privacy law advisor at Audittrail. In her role, she primarily supports and advises companies with implementing privacy law. 


She will join this Lunch & Talk to discuss the implications of privacy law on technological developments in the security domain. Privacy law is a relevant subject for almost all companies working on security solutions. However, dealing and complying with this complex field of law can seem a daunting task. She will discuss how privacy law impacts the security domain and how to manage privacy regulations.   



During this event at the HSD Campus, photographs and video recording will be made. By participating you give us permission to use these images that you might appear in. If you want to be excluded from any imagery, please let us know so upon your arrival at the reception.

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