3 Bailey Drive
P.O. Box 4400
Fredericton, New Brunswick
E3B 5A3

The Canadian Institute for Cybersecurity (CIC) is a comprehensive multidisciplinary training, research and development, and entrepreneurial unit that draws on the expertise of researchers in the social sciences, business, computer science, engineering, law and science.


Based at the University of New Brunswick in Fredericton, the institution is the first of its kind to bring together researchers and practitioners from across the academic spectrum to share innovative ideas, create disruptive technology and carry out groundbreaking research into the most pressing cybersecurity challenges of our time.


Our vision

To become one of the leading training and research institutes in Canada by 2021 and renowned for its excellence in conducting cutting edge research in cybersecurity.


Our mission

To contribute to Canadian society by being a transformational leader in cybersecurity through problem solving, quality research undertakings, and intellectual property generation. This will include effective consultancy services and training, and providing students with career-related education and experience.


Cybersecurity affects industry, government and public

Working with big data is now a fact of life across disciplines. Digital medical records are used to build healthcare profiles; chemistry and life sciences store vast quantities of biomedical data; and the legal system generates an ever-increasing amount of sensitive data.


While information and communication technologies provide an unprecedented number of tools and applications to collect, analyze and manage this data, security and privacy remain major concerns. It’s clear a new, multidisciplinary approach is needed.


The CIC will work across disciplines to create and cultivate a national network of research talent from industry, the user sector, academia, and government to examine and address internet security, privacy and trust.


Science of cybersecurity

The institute’s program on the science of cybersecurity focuses on enabling the development of information and network security solutions for the evolving data-intensive cyber domain by focusing on the value and meaning of security data. The focus of the program is on development and implementation of novel approaches for addressing the timely security challenges in cyberspace, addressing practical security problems that cyberspace infrastructure face in ensuring their survivability, reliability, and performance objectives under malicious and uncertain environments.


Global EPIC

The Canadian Institute for Cybersecurity and HSD are partners within the Global Ecosystem of Ecosystems Partnership in Innovation and Cybersecurity (Global EPIC). This initiative has been founded to enable the future securely through the development and sharing of new knowledge in the field of cyber security – leading to societal, economic and technological impact in a timely fashion. It will do this by building a global community of innovation ecosystems who will collaborate on projects and share expertise through an expanding network of diverse organizations.  This initiative will see 14 global ecosystems co-creating and adopting world-changing solutions to high-impact cybersecurity challenges, both current and emergent. The ecosystems involved come from over 10 different countries spanning three continents, reflecting the truly global nature of the partnership.