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PBLQ is an independent consultancy firm for the public sector. Our advisors help organisations to build bridges between technology, policy, and governance. We provide advice, research, training, and temporary filling of positions. PBLQ provides lasting advice in which social effect is combined with realistic action perspective. To this end, we have various fields of expertise in-house and we regularly collaborate with partners, including academia. 


One of our main focusses lays on safety and security. PBLQ works on a safe society within various administrative levels and various organizations. We are well versed in the Dutch ministries of Defense, Justice and Security and the Interior, as well as in the executive organisations of these departments. We furthermore often work for local authorities and executive organisations in the public system, such as municipalities, water boards, the Public Prosecution Service (OM) and Regional Information and Expertise Centers (RIECs). 


The concept of security is rapidly changing in a digital world, crime is increasingly taking place digitally and online. PBLQ believes that innovation and digitisation can help to ensure a safe society for its citizens. PBLQ advisors have a broad background and extensive experience in the fields of safety and security, technology, and public administration. Within multidisciplinary teams, PBLQ advisors help the public sector to work towards a safe society in a digital era, specifically focusing on:  

  • Crisis management and digital resilience: there is an increasing digital threat and connection between crises in the digital and physical worlds.​ 
  • Fundamental digital rights and ethics: In a secure society, fundamental digital rights and ethics are crucial, from decision-making to implementation.​ 

Hence, could your organisation use our help, or would you like to receive further information on what we do and can? Do not hesitate to contact us!