Bram de Bruijn
Managing Director
+31 636360179
Hoornwerk 1, 5264 PJ Vught, The Netherlands

Beyond Products is a product marketing agency for organisations in security and technology.

Founded to help organisations to innovate and to bring those innovations to market. The process from idea to launch is complex. Especially when your solutions are tech driven and less based on clear market & customer insights. The adoption of technology in security can be challenging. Privacy, compliance and risk management are factors that need another go to market approach to make a new innovation in security successful. Beyond Products knows how to handle these challenges.


Beyond Products is founded by professionals with more than 15 years’ experience at several major and well-known companies and government institutions in the security industry.

They deliver strategy, product launches and help organisations realise sustainable growth.


Product strategy:

Through rapid experimentation, it is possible to build the right fit, and that’s precisely something they can help with:

-    Market research

-    Prototype and proposition tests

-    Business case & pricing strategy


Go to Market strategy:

More than 75% of all product introductions are bound to fail. Exposure is crucial for a successful product launch. And that requires good preparation. But what exactly is the best way to position your product or service? Beyond Products has the answers.


-    Positioning & messaging

-    Sales collateral & enablement

-    Launch campaigns

-    Partner & channel strategy


Growth Organisation

Beyond Products helps you transform your company into a client-oriented organisation. Through our expertise, we re-organise your product management, sales, and marketing approach. This allows you to innovate faster and bring your company to the next level.


-    Product & market-led growth

-    Customer journey optimisation

-    Scalability


Our no-nonsense mentality and experimental approach shape the very core of our business design. This enables us to drive growth without the high costs of traditional management consultancy firms.