What The Hack!?! Computer Science Students And Teachers Are Thrilled During Online Hackathon

10 Nov 2020
Author: HSD Foundation

With the fireworks season approaching, the Environment team of the National Information Organisation (DLIO) of the police together with BlueM organised an online fireworks hackathon to be one step ahead of the illegal trade this year. In addition to OSINT (Red. Open Source Intelligence) experts and cyber volunteers from various police units, a number of companies participated. Including Shell, KPN, Defense, Ernst & Young and Deloitte. Students and teachers from the Computer Science and Forensic ICT study program from the Leiden University of Applied Sciences also joined The Hague Security Delta.


During the 12-hour hackathon, mixed teams zoomed in on a number of issues surrounding the illegal fireworks trade. According to the organisation of the hackathon, there are many reasons for tackling illegal fireworks. For example, the fireworks are getting heavier in power, with an increasing risk of serious injury and use in criminal activities such as explosions. Fireworks are also increasingly serving as a weapon against aid workers. With this hackathon, the participants collected a wealth of data, clues and information that the DLIO team will further explore in the coming period.


Lecturer Forensic ICT and Researcher Lectureship Digital Forensics & E-Discovery Peter van der Wijden: “Reasons for participating in the hackathon with students and lecturers go beyond gathering knowledge, exchanging tools or making new contacts. The hackathon was above all a great way to give students and teachers the opportunity to collaborate intensively in a public-private setting. A better case to allow people to experience the power of forensic ICT and immediately receive energy and appreciation for it is hardly conceivable. It is also good for students to experience that we as teachers are not omniscient and can make mistakes. All in all, I look back on a great online event that confirms to me that we as a Forensic ICT study program are on the right track with our curriculum”.

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