BW Security Ventures Opens Office at HSD Campus

12 Apr 2018
Author: HSD Foundation

On 12 April, BW Security Ventures, a spin-off of the Eindhoven based BW Ventures, officially opened its doors at the HSD Campus. To mark the occasion InnovationQuarter presented a special welcome plaque to Sebastiaan Kors, director of this business accelerator for (cyber) security startups. Kors: "We expect to accompany around 5 to 10 startups annually and offer them a kick-start to commercial success".


From idea to profitable concept

Many startups, as well as corporates and investors, are struggling how a good security idea or (cyber) security concept can be converted into a commercially viable business model. BW Security Ventures scouts (inter)national startups that are active within the (cyber) security sector. Through the data-driven accelerator programme PreXLR (a business development programme of 100 days) BW Security Ventures guides the (early phase) startups at their first steps to success and validates the commercial feasibility of their idea or concept. 


“We expect to accompany around 5 to 10 startups annually and offer them a kick-start to commercial success. In April the first two cyber security startups will start with the programme, Digital-Sentinel and the American startup LegacyArmour. Both promising in the field of data protection,” says Sebastiaan Kors, Director at BW Security Ventures. "Although our higher goal is to strengthen the cyber security sector and thereby increase the digital resilience of the Netherlands.”


Digital future and security

The digital transformation is in full swing. New issues arise, and entrepreneurs see opportunities for innovations. Safety and security plays an important role in this digital world and are becoming increasingly important. “If there is insufficient attention for security and it is not integrated into new digital developments, then it lacks confidence for large-scale applications with significant risks as a possible consequence," explains Sebastiaan Kors. "This also inhibits innovation and growth.”


“With the arrival of the internet, we did not think about security adequately and the consequences are becoming more and more visible. Thanks to robotisation, innovations like self-driving cars and new technologies such IoT, Artificial Intelligence (AI), private/public clouds and big data, the impact on cybercrime will be greater than we are already experiencing. That is why the digital transformation must go hand in hand with security innovations and ideas to strengthen the digital resilience of the Netherlands, as well as the training and training of qualified (cyber) security personnel.”


“The security cluster The Hague Security Delta with its HSD Campus is the place-to-be for (cyber) security startups and companies, because of the highly developed ecosystem," explains Sebastiaan Kors. "BW Ventures already has a branch in Eindhoven, which focuses on e-commerce startups. As we want to be in the midst of where it all happens, the HSD Campus is a logical choice for us to open an office. And through events like the Cyber Security Week organised by HSD, including the Municipality of The Hague, InnovationQuarter and many others, we encounter interesting partners. That is already bearing fruit!”


Strengthen the security cluster together

The arrival of this business accelerator to The Hague was partly due to the close contact with the Enterprise Europe Network, the Chamber of Commerce, HSD and InnovationQuarter. Kors: “Thanks to the good cooperation with these organisations, we can jointly ensure that national and international (cyber) security startups have the best possible kick-start to success. Our acceleration programme helps with this, as well as other networks, platforms, accelerators and investment funds focused on cybersecurity. This ecosystem connects the dots.”


BW Ventures DEF

From left to right: Philip Meijer (IQ), Joris den Bruinen (HSD), Sebastiaan Kors (BW Security Ventures), Martijn van Hoogenhuijze (InnovationQuarter) en Herman Hartgers (Enterprise Europe Netwerk (EEN) / KvK). © Daniel Verkijk 


Chris van Voorden, Director Foreign Investments at InnovationQuarter: "BW Security Ventures is a new, welcome link in the security cluster and an asset to the West Holland region. During the startup programme, attention is paid to the technical feasibility of products, and especially the commercial feasibility is also considered. After 100 days it is clear whether the market needs what the startups have to offer.”


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