Results & Future Perspective : Fieldlab Innovation eXperience (iX) Police

30 Sep 2016
Author: HSD Foundation

The Innovation Experience Room ‘The iX Police Academy in Apeldoorn, launched almost a year ago, offers a living lab for professionals as well as students which allows them to experience the possibilities of the latest technologies. Real time data, such as bodycams, sensors, drones and social media can be exchanged and combined. The iX is an example of how businesses, the National Police and the Police Academy successfully work together within the national security cluster HSD. A number of key focus areas from the National Innovation Agenda for Security (NIAV), such as 'Networked Information at Interchanges' come together in this cooperation. The iX combines real-time practice and education, using the latest technologies. There is a large video wall, touch table, touch foil presentation opportunities and a fiber optic connection, enabling fast connection and optimal streaming. What are the results of the experience room and what is the perspective for the future?


Bert Landman, projectleader Police Academy: "The iX serves as a platform for police, businesses and security partners who are in the process of developing innovation projects concerning security issues of the police. You can think of the rise of Internet of Things and selfdriving cars, what are the chances and what are the threats of these developments?" The iX uses the iCOPP contentmanagement system, which stands for: Intelligent Common Operational Picture Platform. This softwareplatform was developed within the triple helix of the Dutch Institute for Technology, Safety & Security (DITTS), a regional hub of HSD. iCOPP makes it possible to stream different data sets at the same time and combine them even when the data sets come from different types of sensors. The system can also be used for projects other than sensing. Landman calls it the control room of the future. "Right now people still call 112 when it comes to emergencies, but in the future it could be possible that people are going to use social media. Perhaps the police will use sensors to pick up signals prematurely." When it comes to the future Landman expects that gamification, virtual reality, augmented, augmented reality and robots could be part of the future. For now Landman expects the Innovation Experience Room will deliver business cases: "the police academy will develop and deliver a product which helps the police in their detection methods. The joint profit will be: businesses are able to work together with the police to try and find solutions to current problems."


Source: Security Management.



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