New Resident at the HSD Campus: eMudhra

04 Nov 2020
Author: HSD Foundation

On 1 November we have welcomed eMudhra a new resident at the HSD Campus. eMudhra is a global player offering solutions aimed at secure digital transformation by leveraging cryptography and the global trust service framework. With an end-to-end suite around establishing and using PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) to propagate secure digital identity and paperless journeys, eMudhra has contributed towards digital transformation initiatives in several countries.


eMudhra wants to expand their business in Europe and the Netherlands. "Having a flexible workspace at the HSD Campus is a good starting point", according to Arvind Srinivasan, eMudhra. "We believe HSD is a very focused community of entities aimed at similar and complementary offerings, all with the mind-set to effect change through technologies that promote security in the digital world. We feel this is a key element as we build our business in Netherlands and Europe and will give us access to knowledge capital that is very much required to quicken the learning process."


"We have chosen for a flexible office at the HSD Campus in the city of The Hague because we like the energy of the community and the diversity presented within the community in all aspects".


Arvind Srinivasan: "We have over a decade of experience in PKI and related technologies, a strong global channel ecosystem with reputed brands, and strong direct presence in Asia and Middle East. With our experience we would like to contribute to the HSD community and collaborate. For example we can work with complementary technology partners to work on a mutually beneficial value proposition that can leverage our network, regional presence (various regions), and more."


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