Start 4th Edition Globaliser Cybersecurity: International Readiness Programme

01 Oct 2023
Author: HSD Foundation

On 28 September, the 4th edition of the Globaliser Cybersecurity kicked off. An internationalisation readiness programme dedicated to kickstart the international expansion of (tech)scale-ups. This years participants are Keypasco, BlueFinch-ESBD Netherlands, SequriX, Talksome, Zolder and Fully In Control. The programme will run from September till November 2023.


The kick-off session was all about getting to know one another, breaking the ice and setting the expectations for the journey ahead of them. Alumnus Chris Haarmeijer, founder and CEO of RE-liON joined the session to share his experience with the Globaliser Cybersecurity and answered the participants’ questions and curiosities.

Two of the key benefits of the Globaliser for Chris were the structure to think about internationalisation and getting access to a network of other founders (fellow participants, coaches, experts).


The Globaliser Cybersecurity is organised by Dutchbasecamp, InnovationQuarter and TIIN Capital, with the support of ECSO and Security Delta (HSD). Together, we are dedicated to help scale-ups with great potential to positively impact this industry on a global scale.


What is Globaliser?

Globaliser is a twelve-week programme for the international growth of Cybersecurity scale-ups. They use DutchBasecamp’s tools, network and unique approach to build a solid internationalisation strategy. 


Participants will be:

  • Conducting a thorough target market analysis and identifying a validated beachhead market.
  • Developing a GTM (Go-To-Market) strategy specific to the beachhead market and creating a market-entry playbook.
  • Gaining access to an international network of experienced founders and relevant experts.
  • Establishing a solid international roadmap that provides practical guidance for the next steps in the expansion journey.

With coaching, network and validation start-ups get the confidence to channel their precious resources into unfamiliar territories with conviction.


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