Chapter8 Joins the HSD Security Cluster

09 Dec 2020
Author: HSD Foundation

Chapter8 is an organisation with highly skilled cybersecurity professionals. Chapter8’s flagship service is a Purple Team Mission. A Purple Team Mission starts from within the network (Assume Breach) and brings together the expertise of hackers (Red team) and hunters (Blue team) in one 'Squadron' led by a healer (White team). They work together in a close-knit team and in a way that leads to real-time cybersecurity improvement for their clients. Combining Red and Blue in Purple is a proven time saver compared to traditional penetration tests performed by red teams only.


Chapter8 combines military, civil, physical and digital security in one team with members drawn from the highest levels of the Dutch digital security industry, used to dealing with highly classified information. Their job is to ensure that your crown jewels are safer tomorrow than they are today and to help you harden the attack surface.


Added value

“By becoming a partner of HSD, we are able to add value and expertise to an ecosystem of top-level security organisations in The Hague. We also aim to participate with other Partners in projects to improve the security and awareness of ‘The Municipality of The Hague’.”


Pepijn Vissers ‘’We have become a partner of HSD because we firmly believe in a strong ecosystem of specialized security organizations in The Hague. By being a partner, we can contribute to HSD’s core proposition.’’


Challenges within the security domain 

Chapter8 thinks the biggest challenges in the security domain today involve ‘secure human behavior’, the often hyperconnected modern ICT infrastructures and ‘expectations of the MT regarding security testing and budget’. They aim to fight dirty in order to teach an organisation to defend against a dirty fight with real actors. This presupposes a mindset of ‘assume breach’ and crown jewel awareness – a mindset that is not always present yet and takes time for an organisation that has something to protect to adopt to.


Chapter8 is looking for collaboration on the improvement of security awareness within the city of The Hague. Specifically, the security awareness in the workplace. Together with other HSD Partners and ‘The Municipality of The Hague’, they would like to organise events to help people capture the benefits of paying extra attention to their security. Aiming for a holistic approach: cybersecurity, organizational security, physical security and personnel.


“Train as you fight. Threat actors don’t play by the rules of the game, so don’t pretend you’ll win the fight if you do.”


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