Security Delta (HSD) and Connect2Trust Join Forces

11 Mar 2022
Author: HSD Foundation

The Connect2Trust and Security Delta (HSD) foundations are increasing their collaboration in an alliance partnership to achieve a cyber resilient and secure Netherlands. Through this reciprocal partnership, these organisations will support one another by enforcing each other’s strengths and expertise for more efficient sharing of crucial cyber threat intelligence.


Exchange of cyber threat information

Connect2Trust launched the ThreatConnect initiative in 2019 with financial support from the Cyber Security Alliance. Security Delta (HSD) helped by making an analysis to find technology partners for the Proof-of-Concept. ThreatConnect has developed into a scan that maps out which companies are digitally connected to each other. This provides insight into which companies in an ecosystem are dependent on each other in order to subsequently provide all these links in the chain with threat intelligence. For this information sharing capability, they collaborate with the National Cyber Security Center. And recently the ‘Nederlands Security Meldpunt’ has been established, of which Connect2Trust is one of the initiators.


‘Nederlands Security Meldpunt’ is a reporting and distribution system that collects information about possible abuse and threats of vulnerable systems to share with registered parties like Connect2Trust, NBIP and SURFcert. The reporting center uses, amongst others, theThreatMatcher Intelligence Platform from Connect2Trust for this. The goal is to share the right information at the right time, and with the right organizations.


Joris den Bruinen, General Director, HSD: “With this reciprocal new alliance, we can take concrete steps to improve cyber resilience throughout the Netherlands with faster dissemination of important information on cyber threats. Thereby furthering the sectoral cyber resilience initiative that we recently launched in South Holland and look forward to the national stage as well.“ 

Further activities: connect demand & supply and talent

Partners of the security cluster HSD can help Connect2Trust participants with current security issues by entering Connect2Trust's Cyber Threat Alliance. When needs and challenges are identified by the participants, HSD can provide assistance through the Cyber Threat Alliance with the knowledge and expertise available within the security cluster. By entering into this alliance, Connect2Trust also gains access to innovative products and services from HSD, for example through Market Consultation Sessions.


In addition, activities will be organised that are aimed at cyber security professionals and talent. For example, (alumni) students of the annual International Cyber Security Summer School, powered by HSD, can visit Connect2Trust's CyberSQUAD event. The knowledge and expertise of Connect2Trust and HSD can then be shared with this important target group of young cyber security professionals.


Raymond Bierens, Chairman of the Board, Connect2Trust: “As designated organisation for the sharing of threat intelligence from the NCSC and initiator of the ‘Nederlands Security Meldpunt’, this mutual alliance partnership with HSD offers Connect2Trust new opportunities to share our information with a broader audience. And in addition, look -together with the ecosystem of HSD partners- how receiving threat intelligence can lead to actual actions taken by every recipient.”


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