OneWelcome Continues Growth Strategy With Acquisition of Scaled Access

02 Mar 2022
Author: HSD Foundation

On 1 March was announced that Identity & Access Management platform OneWelcome is acquiring Belgian Scaled Access, a specialist in authorisation. With the addition of Scaled Access, OneWelcome is deepening its offering with fine-grained and policy-based access. Organisations can now manage and control access of consumers, business partners and remote workers to their online services and apps in an even more granular manner. With the acquisition of Scaled Access, OneWelcome adds an additional Identity app to its OneWelcome IAM platform: Externalised Authorisation. This acquisition is fully in line with OneWelcome's growth ambitions and strengthens its position as a European leader in its segment.


Offering fine-grained and policy-based access to external identities
Organisations are facing different degrees of complexity in granting access to external identities. Who the person is, what they are and what they are entitled to, form the foundational attributes for fine-grained and policy-based access. In a world of distributed identities, the onboarding of new users requires information from three main sources: European eIDs or Bank IDs, Identity Wallets and validated attribute providers. OneWelcome helps organisations orchestrate this.


OneWelcome's platform enriched with fifth application
Externalised Authorisation is the fifth application of OneWelcome's integrated IAM platform that further consists of User Journey Orchestration, Consent & Preference Management, Delegation & Relationship Management and Mobile Identity. In addition to the application, the acquisition of Scaled Access provides OneWelcome with extra development capacity. This will increase OneWelcome's innovative strength. The team in Leuven will be further expanded as an engineering unit and knowledge centre. Scaled Access brings in best practices from customers such as Rituals, Roularta Media and Hager.


Danny de Vreeze, CEO OneWelcome: "Only six months ago, OneWelcome was formed from the merger of iWelcome and Onegini. The fact that we are already taking the next step in our growth strategy shows how determined we are to remain at the forefront of the European market. With the acquisition of Scaled Access, we are deepening and broadening our offering to form a superior integrated identity solution for managing external identities. This is how we are going to capitalise on the doubling of demand that Gartner has predicted for this year. In addition, we are strengthening our competitive position against American players because, as a European party, we are now even better able to deal with European complexities. In short: we are very confident that, with the acquisition of Scaled Access, we have started the year in a promising way."


Ward Duchamps, CEO Scaled Access: "The time is right to bring Scaled Access under the auspices of a larger tech player. OneWelcome provides an optimal framework to further develop our platform. As VP of Strategic Partners, I will continue building on the successful formula of OneWelcome. We want to be ahead of the market with the integration of distributed identity and verifiable credentials in the user journey. People will build their own digital twins, 'wallets', by collecting accreditations confirmed by issuers and granting companies access to use them. Access to a digital service will no longer solely depend on using the right password or fingerprint, but also on the verified characteristics you carry."

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