NCTV Shares Future Vision on Public-Private Partnerships for Digitally Secure Netherlands

24 May 2024
Author: HSD Foundation

The digital threat to the Netherlands is significant and constantly changing. It is therefore essential that government, businesses and civil society organisations have their digital resilience in order. This requires more intensive, broader and more unambiguous public-private cooperation. To achieve this, the government has drawn up a future vision for a public-private Cyber Resilience Network.


Public-private cooperation in the field of digital security has so far been shaped in the National Covering System of cybersecurity partnerships. The cabinet's vision of the future describes how the various existing elements of the National Covering System can be expanded and strengthened into the Cyber Resilience Network.


In this network, the number of linking organisations will be expanded to reach more organisations with information - not only to prevent and combat incidents and crises, but also to learn from incidents and crises and recover quickly. The network will cooperate on themes such as knowledge exchange, education, training and exercises. Steering will be done with the NCTV as central director and the NCSC as coordinator for implementation and cooperation within the network. The Cyber Resilience Network will thus bring together public-private cooperation initiatives into one connected whole. The practical set-up of the network will take shape in a building plan to be drawn up by the NCSC.


The future vision stems from the Netherlands Cybersecurity Strategy (NLCS) 2022-2028, which sets out the ambitions and actions for a digitally secure society. One of the actions of the NLCS is that, in collaboration with private partners, a development plan will be drawn up that will enable the government, together with the business community, to further increase the digital resilience of The Netherlands. This will also address a major need of private partners.


Security Delta (HSD) has several cyber resilience programmes that fit into this network, such as Cyber Resilience Centre Greenport (Cyberweerbaarheidscentrum Greenport). Via this way we have also given our input to this vision.


To learn more about HSD's cyber resilience programmes such as the Cyber Resilience Centres, visit this page.


Source: NCTV

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