MMOX Granted European Subsidy for Technological Acceleration

21 Jun 2022
Author: HSD Foundation

MMOX succesfully applied for a REACT EU subsidy within the 'Kansen voor West' programme. These funds will be used to accelerate development on their data-driven cybersecurity software platform for managed security service providers (MSSPs).


Funds granted through the REACT EU programme are intended to help Europe recover from the COVID crisis faster, with a focus on a green and sustainable transition. REACT EU is intended for projects that are promising to begin with as a concept, and are granted by the municipality of the Hague.


The software platform MMOX is developing allows MSSPs to monitor and protect thousands of systems remotely. This system also allows for the creation of crucial data that can facilitate decision making to strengthen the cyber resilience of SMEs. The REACT EU subsidy allows MMOX to accelerate development of the platform and continue working on, amongst others, Artificial Intelligence.


Read the full press release in Dutch on the MMOX website.

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