Mira van Benthem Interviewed by Jenny Beechener: How the Cyber Security Summer School Inspires the Next Generation

23 Jan 2024
Author: HSD Foundation

Jenny Beechener sat down for an interview with Mira van Benthem, the organiser of the International Cyber Security Summer School. Together, they discussed the benefits of the 2023 edition, and how this week-long event inspires the next generation of cybersecurity leaders from all walks of life and academic disciplines.


As the number of cyberattacks rises, the need for cybersecurity to be treated as a priority becomes vital. The aim of the International Cyber Security Summer School (ICSSS) is to contribute by addressing the cybersecurity talent gap. Mira van Benthem explains:


“It is about fostering the next generation of cybersecurity

experts and having them interact with leaders in these

different organisations and gain insight into each

other’s fields.”

This is achieved by assisting students in expanding their knowledge, capabilities and skills within the context of cybersecurity, combining talent accross various academic backgrounds. At the beginning of the week, students are presented with a challenge set by HSD partners, putting their knowledge into practice. At the end of the week, they present their solution to the provider of the challenge, based on real-life cases. 


“Our 60 students came from 18

separate countries this year; including Canada, the

United States, Spain, Germany, Italy and elsewhere,”


“They get to know each other and

develop strong bonds they can draw on in the future.

The result is a community of cybersecurity experts 

who understand cybersecurity threats and

opportunities more profoundly from a

multidisciplinary point of view, allowing them to

deliver more effective cybersecurity measures.”


Click here to read the full interview in NITECH.

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