Launch E-Guide: 'This Is How You Hack a City'

12 Nov 2021
Author: HSD Foundation

On 11 November, deputy mayor of The Hague Saskia Bruines has launched the digital security guide ‘This is how you hack a city’ at the ECP Annual Festival 2021. She presented the guide to Tineke Netelenbos, chair of ECP and the Cyber Security Council, the independent advisory body of the Dutch government. 


Every year, the municipality of The Hague and cybersecurity company Cybersprint organise hacking competition Hâck the Hague. Hackers get the opportunity to investigate the ICT-systems of the municipality of The Hague and its suppliers. The added value and the success of Hâck The Hague has been noticed in the Netherlands and abroad. More often, questions are coming in from other municipalities, companies and organisations who want to know more about organising such a hacking event and want to apply this approach themselves. 


Deputy Mayor Saskia Bruines: "Digital security is an important topic for the municipality of The Hague. Considering the increasing threats, it is important that we join forces within society as much as possible. Testing, practicing and helping each other where possible is very important. Collaboration and sharing knowledge are essential in this regard. Therefore, together with Cybersprint we have bundled our knowledge and experience around digital security and Hâck The Hague and produced an instruction manual. I hope this inspires other municipalities and organisations, and motivates them to take the next step in their digital security."


The e-guide offers a detailed overview. Not only about how to organise the event, but also the steps an organisation could take to continuously improve its digital security. The e-guide can be downloaded here for free.


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