HSD Calls for More Collaboration in the Chain

08 Oct 2021
Author: HSD Foundation

Dutch IT Channel spoke to Security Delta (HSD) Director Joris den Bruinen on how best to fight the increase in cybercrime. Collaboration is key, according to him. "The government should share information on cyberthreats with more organisations than just who they consider to be 'critical infrastructure', and businesses should inform eachother better and faster."


Den Bruinen also spoke about how to respond to ransomware attacks. Is paying the ransom the best solution to regain access to your data faster, or should you refrain from paying to not support their business model? The main solution is collaboration within the entire chain, and to share information faster and more efficiently. The entire chain should be prepared for the situation where a hack becomes reality. Furthermore, Den Bruinen touches on public-private collaboration, CISO visibility within the organisation, and CISO intervision sessions.


Read the full interview in Dutch here.

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