Cyber in Fintech Roundtable: Learn About Current Opportunities and Challenges

10 Jan 2022
Author: HSD Foundation

On Thursday the 20th of January, the Netherlands Consulate in New York, InnovationQuarter, the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO), the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Security Delta (HSD) will jointly host a round table on cybersecurity in fintech in New York. Leading players in cybersecurity and fintech will discuss (market) opportunities, industry developments, and strategic collaborations.


Leading experts share their insights

The roundtable will take place in a hybrid format, with panelists gathering in both the US and in the Netherlands. In New York, leading experts from the NYC Mayor’s Office of the Chief Technology Officer will join, and on the Dutch side, Holland Fintech and EclecticIQ will share their expertise. If you (or your company) would like to learn more about best practices, capital, talent, acceleration, tech2market, and (inter)national strategic developments in the Dutch and NYC cybersecurity and fintech markets, this roundtable promises to be a highly valuable session for you. The roundtable will be concluded with the opportunity for a 1-on-1 session with the panel members and organizing partners. 


Cybersecurity and fintech as increasingly relevant markets

Cybersecurity and fintech are closely related industries, both developing at very high speed which creates ample market opportunities. New York City is a world-leading financial hub with a booming fintech industry, this industry has shown a great need for innovative and flexible cybersecurity solutions to ensure a safe and reliable process. The fintech sector is also growing at a fast pace in the Netherlands, and similar demands and needs can be observed. This provides great, complementary, cross-country, and cross-sectoral business opportunities.


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This roundtable thus promises to be an interesting session for NL-based startups and companies working within and between the sectors of cybersecurity and fintech looking to expand to or strengthen their position in NYC or the broader US market. For NYC-based partners, the roundtable provides an opportunity to strengthen their ecosystem position, learn more about incoming and expanding companies on the nexus of fintech and cybersecurity, and discuss and share gained experience in the NYC/US market.


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