Challenge the Cyber 2022: Training Mission

21 Mar 2022
Author: HSD Foundation

On 14 May the Challenge the Cyber - Capture the Flag contest will take place: a Dutch Capture the Flag for young cyber security talent. In preparation for the contest, a special 2 months online Training Mission will be organised by Dcypher and Cyber Security Challenge Germany Germany. During the training participants will have the opportunity to test and develop their hacking-skills. This allows the participants to prepare well for the national CTF final in May.


The Training Mission 2022 will start on 1 March, closes on 1 May and is open to anyone born between 1997 and 2008. This also applies to participation on the Challenge the Cyber CTF which takes place on 14 May. Here, the most talented participants will be selected for the Cyberbootcamp (11-16 July 2022). The final NL Team will be selected to represent the Netherlands at the ECSC (13-16 September in Vienna).


More info about the Training Mission and to register.

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