€42 Million Made Available For Learning and Development in SMEs

27 Feb 2024
Author: HSD Foundation

Increasing technical possibilities, robotisation, and digitalisation make a large impact on the organisational structure, expertise, and skills needed by businesses in the Netherlands. It might be helpful for these companies' strategic planning to occasionally obtain understanding of the implications of these developments for both their organisation and workforce. The Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment has made €48 million available for initiatives that stimulate learning and development for SMEs.


With the learning and development in SMEs incentive scheme (SLIM scheme), the government wants to stimulate a learning-rich working environment in SMEs. Companies can set up initiatives to have their employees continue to develop during their careers. From 1 March 2024, it is possible again to apply for the SLIM scheme.


SME entrepreneurs can apply for subsidies for four activities:

  • Business screening to identify training needs. This can be done, for example, by engaging an external consultant to draw up a future-oriented training and development plan.
  • Career and development advice for employees.
  • Initiatives aimed at developing or introducing Learning and Development methods that encourage employees in their development. For example, by establishing a company school.
  • Providing a practical apprenticeship for (parts of) an intermediate vocational training course in the third level.

Wondering if you are eligible for this as an entrepreneur? Visit the SLIM webpage!


Photo: Istock.com/Khongtham

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