World Port Hackathon 2015

04 September 2015 - 05 September 2015
RDM Rotterdam
Organised by:

The Hackathon revolves mainly around open data, big data and technology. During the Hackathon you can use a wide range of datasets provided by different stakeholders. There is also a lot of cool technology available to play with and to make the Internet of Things tangible; sensors, smart watch, google glass, oculus rift and the list goes on. On top of that there are keynotes and experts who can teach you more about these things.

About the Hackathon
This Hackathon is organised in cocreation with companies and organisation of the Port of Rotterdam and the logistic industry. The challenges are a product of workshops with stakeholders and participants, especially the Port Innovation Lab and Yes Delft. The Hackathon is organised by PlaySpace under the name of HavenLab. The place where people work on innovation en new way to work in a durable manor.

What can you win?
Under the participants we will give a way entries for the Open Data Relay which gives holds two prizes of € 4.000. Promising ideas and solutions will be presented to companies directly and after the hackathon presentations will be arranged. So this is your chance to put yourself out there!

Interview about World Port Hackathon on BNR