Webinar: SecurIT

15 December 2021
15:00h - 15:30h
Organised by:
Security Delta (HSD)

Is your SME involved in innovation in the field of security? Are you interested in collaborating with other companies and security-based clusters, to further develop your solutions on a European level? Would European co-financing support the prototyping of and experimentation with your top-notch technological solution? If your answer to these questions is ‘yes’, the new European SecurIT project may be the most interesting project you will come across.


Learn more about the SecurIT project, the application process, what to expect from participation, and how to best prepare yourself by joining the SecurIT webinar on Wednesday 15 December from 15:00 hrs to 15:30 hrs CET.


This webinar will be exceptionally helpful for any companies looking to apply for the first open call for the SecurIT project, which will open on 25 January 2022 and close on 26 April 2022. If you are considering applying for this open call (or the later open call in 2023), make sure you do not miss this informative webinar!


Following the webinar, HSD, in collaboration with TIIN Capital, will also be hosting a pitching workshop from 15:30 hrs to 16:00 hrs CET. If applying for the SecurIT project is something you are interested in, taking part in this workshop will be very helpful in the application process. You can register for the pitching workshop here.


What is SecurIT?

SecurIT is a large-scale European project that aims to create a new global competitive security industrial value chain by supporting collaborative improved integration of innovative security systems, with a cross-sectoral and European approach. It will support the time-to-market optimisation and the integration of privacy and security by design at all steps of maturity through a cross-border collaboration between SMEs and end-users. HSD is one of the leading clusters that will guide the project and support selected SMEs through the development of their solutions.


The project will go on for 36 months and aims to establish new industrial value chains which will have longer-term benefits. This initiative provides a great opportunity for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in particular. It allows for networking at a European level for all parties involved, leading to new connections and partnerships in the security sector. Most importantly, the project gives SMEs the opportunity to receive European funding for their projects. Along with this funding comes visibility and brand awareness.


*The definition of an SME for this project is the one that is used by the EU and includes companies with a staff headcount <250 and turnover of <50 million EUR.


For more information about the SecurIT project, please visit:

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/securit-project/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/SecurIT20

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SecurITproject


Note: The language of this event will be either Dutch, English or a combination of both.