Webinar: Real time Intelligence in Crisis and Incident Management. The Power of Open Data.

17 June 2021
15:00h - 16:00h
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Citizens, authorities and (news) reporters constantly share remarkable events on the open internet and via social media. These real-time sources are invaluable for assessing all kinds of threats and risks. But how can the infinite amounts of available data be harnessed for public safety & security? How to get early warnings and situational awareness during all phases of a disruptive event? How to get a better understanding of citizens' perceptions?
Our AI solution is designed to support monitoring incidents, thematic risks, geographical areas or crowded events.

Using real-life examples, this webinar will cover:
- What public/open data is;
- How to leverage it for an informed response;
- How to turn the vast amount of data into accessible information;
- How your response can benefit, in speed, quality, efficiency, and public trust;
- What the impact of recent and future innovation will be.