Venture Café Singularity Dynamics: The Kick-Off

07 March 2019
16:30h - 18:30h
Stationsplein 45, A4.004, 3013 AK, Rotterdam 4th floor of Groot Handelsgebouw
Organised by:
Venture Café Rotterdam Foundation

We are in the midst of technological revolution and growth, which results in changes to human civilization. In March Venture Café offers weekly the stage to experts in both software – like AI, blockchain & security – and hardware – such as high tech systems & robotics. Together they think about the effects of it on society and will highlight both the opportunities and the challenges these developments pose.


Keep an eye out for all sessions about Singularity Dynamics as part of these weekly themes here!



Every Thursday Venture Cafe is hosting a free and inclusive community gathering. 


Join anytime between 17:00 and 20:00! Check-in starts at 16:30!


Check the full program, which Thursday Gatherings will be held in March around the theme Singularity Dynamics!


17:00–17:30 Break Out: Have a drink with one of our team - Venture Café Rotterdam
During this session, we will maximize your Venture Café experience, with short introductions and new connections! We will inform you about Venture Café mission and the programming offered. You get to share what you are looking for and can make some first serendipitous connects! 

17:00–19:00 Info Table: The Finder - Meraki
Meraki offers a time saving gadget and sells with a personal approach. The speakers are: Steven Vonk, Preslava Ivanova and Isa Visser. Stop by to meet them! 

17:30–18:15 Break Out: From prototype to MVP - MVP Ready
We will share our thoughts on the roadmap from a prototype to MVP. Why is it important to build your platform step by step and what are the most important things to keep in mind while developing? Are you looking to grow a business? See you inside! 

18:00–18:30 Info Table: Get a Tour Through CIC! Explore the beautifully designed innovation center - CIC
Venture Café is located in Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC). Are you curious about the rest of the space? Join a tour through this beautifully designed innovation center!