Urban & Building Resilience

07 April 2016
12:00h - 17:30h
New Babylon Meeting Center, The Hague
Organised by:
Arcadis Design & Consultancy, TNO Defence, Safety & Security, ELASSTIC consortium

Recent and historical incidents have illustrated the vulnerability of the built urban environment. Whether it concerns a natural hazard or a terrorist threat, the consequences are huge due to the large and complex scale of urban built infrastructure. Safety and security must be properly incorporated in the design, by means of an integral approach. Resilience safeguards the infrastructure and its occupants during its entire life-cycle, including regular operational processes as well as exceptional crisis situations. We gladly put our know-how and expertise at your disposal. 

Meet and share with specialists and stakeholders from agencies and governments, industrial companies, engineers and architects.

Presentations and panels.
International Speakers
Results of EU project ELASSTIC.
Parallel sessions: ‘Safety & Security in design’ and ‘Safety & Security topics for urban areas’.
Exhibition on new technologies.


HSD Partners involved