Third INTERPOL-UNICRI Global Meeting AI for Law Enforcement

23 November 2020 - 27 November 2020
14:00h - 18:00h
Organised by:
INTERPOL Innovation Centre and UNICRI Centre for Artificial and Robotics

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As you are most certainly aware, artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly integrating into all aspects of our lives. Within the law enforcement community, the INTERPOL Innovation Centre and the United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute (UNICRI), through its Centre for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics in The Hague have joined forces in an attempt to leverage the potential of this technology in the fight against crime.


This partnership, which dates back to 2018, has led to two Global Meetings on AI for Law Enforcement in held in Singapore in July 2018 and July 2019, the latter of which took place on the margins of INTERPOL World. These Global Meetings serve as a unique platform for law enforcement agencies to share experiences on the use AI and to come together with representatives of industry and academia. (Please find the reports from the first and second meetings for your convenience.)


In addition to these Global Meetings, INTERPOL and UNICRI through this partnership have convened a High-Level Meeting at UN Headquarters in New York in April 2019 in cooperation with representations of Georgia, the Netherlands and the United Arab Emirates to the United Nations, as well as a track on building public trust in the use of AI by law enforcement at the Tallinn Digital Summit in September 2019.


All of the outputs of this INTERPOL-UNICRI partnership to date have highlighted that, notwithstanding the enormous potential of AI, there is an equally great potential for harm that comes with the use of such tools and should not be underestimated. This is particularly true with respect to any attempt to automate decision-making processes with law enforcement. In this regard, INTERPOL and UNICRI seek to provide additional guidance and support to the law enforcement community to ensure individuals human rights and fundamental freedoms are not negatively impacted.

In this context, and with great pride, we are pleased to now invite you to join us at the upcoming Third Annual Global Meeting on AI for Law Enforcement, which will take place virtually on Microsoft Teams from 23 to 27 November.

Under the theme of galvanizing momentum towards responsible AI for law enforcement, INTERPOL and UNICRI seek to spotlight innovative new use cases and advance practical considerations of this technology in the law enforcement community. The Preliminary agenda for the meeting is annexed to this letter.


A core focus of this meeting will also be to lay foundations for the development and adoption of a ‘Responsible AI Innovation Toolkit for Law Enforcement’ in 2021. This toolkit is envisaged to be a practical and operationally oriented instrument designed to stimulate the positive potential of AI within the law enforcement community to develop, deploy

20 October 2020 and use AI systems, while providing recommendations with a view toward preventing any harmful effects.


Should you wish to join us at the Third Global Meeting on AI for Law Enforcement, you are kindly requested to complete the registration form via the register button, no later than Monday 16th November.