The Untold Secrets of Organised Cybercrime & Evolving Infostealer Industry: Understanding the Ramifications on Dutch Cyber Resilience

27 January 2023
13:00h - 16:00h
HSD Campus
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Cybercrime can turn your business around in a blink of an eye. How confident are you in your business's ability to recognise cyber threats before it's too late?


Gain valuable insights on the latest developments in the cybercrime and info stealer industry and learn how to protect your business from potential threats during this event!

PRODAFT will focus on two current cybersecurity issues that provide the attendees with the must-have knowledge they need to stay ahead of the curve and ensure their businesses stay protected. Firstly, the journey through the evolution of organised cybercrime and the impact it has had on Dutch cyber resilience will be discussed. The presentation will primarily focus on real-world examples of highly organised cyberattacks as observed by PRODAFT’s threat intelligence team – featuring APTs such as LockBit, Wizard Spider, Conti, FIN7 and GhostWriter. During the second presentation, attendees will uncover the alarming truth about the rapidly evolving stealer malware industry and why it should be the top priority for all organisations. 



  • Introductory session – Foreword & meet PRODAFT

  • First presentation: The evolution of organised cybercrime and its implications on Dutch cyber resilience (50 mins) speaker: Koryak Uzan

    • 15 mins break – grab a bite & drink, get to know your co-attendees

  • Second presentation: Stealers and the danger within (40 mins) speaker: Ege Balci

  • Sum up: The presentation of the upcoming investigation report by PRODAFT (20 mins)
    speaker: Yiğit Çolakoğlu

  • Closing remarks

    • Refreshments, Q&A’s, networking – meet like-minded individuals


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