The KVK Business Challenge: Cost Effective Broad Band Internet in Wider Coastal Areas

05 December 2019
Organised by:
Chamber of Commerce Enterprise Europe Network

How can Boskalis jointly develop communication concepts to improve data throughput overseas for lower costs?


Why is this a challenge?

  • The building and maintenance of offshore wind parks in wider coastal areas leads to a growing need and request for data throughput from sea towards land and vice versa.
  • Because the distance to the store can be up to 100 km the current data is executed via satellite communication.
  • However, with satellites the data throughput is limited, and also high costs are involved.
  • For the future Boskalis anticipates a growing demand for a cost-effective concept for data transfer offshore.


Where do you fit in?

Boskalis is a leading global dredging and offshore contractor and maritime services provided. We offer a unique combination of experts, vessels and activities. Construction of offshore wind parks is a strong growing business which asks for continuous process innovation to reduce installation costs and work smarter. Within this framework Boskalis is looking for partners to jointly develop new communication concepts. Boskalis is searching opportunities towards:

  • Temporary constructions for data connections. Boskalis works in offshore construction field without having ownership of the facilities.
  • Wireless data transfer without the use of satellites.
  • Increase the bandwidth to upload and download more data.
  • Design of a safe, fast and high-performance data connection (network).
  • European know- how on data connections and working mechanisms.

What is in it for you?

A joint development with one of the biggest marine contractors in the world. We don't only stick to plans. If we come to a feasible solution, we would further be able to prototype and test the concept in the field. Boskalis would provide its offshore- and design experience to come to cost effective solution for a temporary structure to install, operate and remove.


Which disciplines do we need?

  • SME's and other organisations with a bright idea or a smart and high-tech solution to implement and apply a different way of data transfer.
  • (Onshore) data network expertise, tele-communications (4G, WiFi, LoRa etc), combined wireless & wired internet.
  • IT Technology.
  • Data connection and security,
  • Drone, balloon, buoy technology for temporary beacons.

KVK Business Challenge MariMatch a Europort 2019

  • KVK Business Challenge is the platform for cooperation, open innovation and the kickstart of innovations between Corporates and SMEs
  • Corporates pitch their innovation challenges on the platform
  • SMEs share their ideas in an open discussion chatline, with each other and the corporate
  • After 4 weeks the challenge will be closed (December 5th) and matches are made for further cooperation

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