Seminar Communities for safety

18 May 2017
13:45h - 17:15h
HSD, Wilhelmina van Pruisenweg 104, The Hague
Organised by:
Justice in Practice

Safe neighborhoods with sense of security through communities for safety with residents, shop owners, police and county civil servants. Justice in Practice has teamed with succesful initiators and facilitators from the government to explain the best practices in building communities. Bring your own case! Your most wicked problems and simple difficulties will be dealt with by ... the community and facilitated by the teachers. Cost is €139 excl. VAT or €99 excl. VAT for HSD members


Residents and entrepeneurs increasingly partake in the improvement of community safety, such as with online and real-life communities that watch and improve the environment. That is valuable for residents and partners in safety, but wicked questions remain, such as: Why are some groups of residents and shops organised more easily than others? How can the risk of vigilante justice and counteracting of government policy be avoided? Are Communities for safety effective against other than high volume crime, such as polarisation and money laundering. A model for building Communities for safety will be presented that was developed from a yearlong study of coöperation between citizens, police, municipalities and other interested parties. Want to know why some projects fail and other succeed? Here are your answers, backed with a scientific study. 


During this interactive seminar, best practices will be shared as you and colleagues interact with each other and the speakers. The seminar is for police officers, civil servants from the municipality, social housing projects and other organisations partaking in community safety.


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