Security Research & Innovation Event in The Hague

01 June 2016 - 02 June 2016
World Forum, The Hague
Organised by:
European Commission DG Home and Migration and HSD

The SRIE will provide you with access to knowledge, innovations and markets and consists of the following activities:

  • The Security Innovation Room
  • The Security Research Event consisting of two components:
    (1) The Security Research Conference(organised by the European Union for the 10th time) 
    (2) The expo of 8 EC-projects
  • Thematic workshops and world cafés
  • Matchmaking opportunities for participants (organised by Enterprise Europe Network).


The SRIE will take place on June 1 and 2 2016 at the World Forum, The Hague. The SRIE attract 400-500 visitors from all over Europe. Visitors consist of scientists, private companies, public security providers (i.e. fire departments, police, intelligence agencies, etc.) and policymakers. The opening will be done by the Minister of Security & Justice where also other Dutch Ministries and local government will be present.

The SRIE will focus on businesses, governments, and knowledge institutions, the so called triple helix, working together on innovations and knowledge in the field of safety and security. The Innovation Expo displays innovations and research. The aim of the Security Innovation Expo is to demonstrate the strength and inspiring results of innovation, technology development and triple helix cooperation in the security field and do this as tangible as possibly and provide them as an experience and interactive to the visitors of the SRIE.

To achieve a higher degree of security on national and European level the cooperation between end-users of security research needs to be strengthened. Cooperation in the field of detection and prevention of criminality is a pre requisite, where the adaptation of technology is irrevocable and indispensable. The Commission asked ENLETS to support the event by organizing preparatory workshops to obtain input for the SRIE discussions.Therefore the SRIE will address the following themes:

  • Priorities of the European Multidisciplinary Platform against Criminal Threats (EMPACT). EMPACT aims towards the development of operational action plans on countering criminality. Important topics are Facilitation of Illegal Immigration, Trafficking in Human Beings,  Counterfeit goods, Drug trafficking, Illicit Firearms Trafficking and of course Cybercrime.
  • Financial Investigations. This is geared towards strengthening the European cooperation in the field of financial investigations. New technology and methods on subjects like Money laundry, Criminal asset recovery  (follow the money, follow the value) and seizing property.
  • Space and Security. Satellite observation is growing rapidly as a sector. The usage of satellite data for security is coming up strongly. There are great opportunities to connect space and security that will show what space can do for practitioners in the field of for example law enforcement, disaster management, border protection and search and rescue.
  • Integrated border management.  The European Commission adopted an important set of measures that will help to manage migration more effectively, improve the internal security in the EU and safeguard the principle of free movement of persons. Opportunities are in the field of technology, like the usage of unmanned systems and sensors, for border protection to ensure strong and shared management of external borders.
  • Radicalisation/Terrorism. Terrorism is a threat that does not recognize borders and may affect states and peoples irrespective of their geographical location.
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