Security according to Zero Trust (using VMware NSX)

23 November 2018
10:00h - 14:00h
Waardenburg, The Netherlands
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Go to work on micro-segmentation of VMware NSX, secure applications and traffic with Palo Alto Networks, and improve the safety and reliability of your data center and network.

In this technical workshop, you will learn to apply VMware NSX in combination with the Palo Alto Networks solution and to make use of micro-segmentation and distributed firewalls. The goal of this is to be software-defined ready for the secure cloud.

During this workshop, the following subjects will be among those that will be discussed:

- Basic explanation of the theory: Zero Trust, Palo Alto Networks and VMware NSX
- Explanation of LAB data center
- Creation of a firewall policy in Palo Alto Networks Panorama in accordance with Zero Trust
- Execution of attacks in the segmented LAB data center
- Observation that lateral movement takes place and is taken up in the Security Automation & Orchestration Platform designed by ON2IT
- Demo of Security Automation & Orchestration Platform and the rules of engagement


Participation in this workshop is free of charge. Note: For this session, you will need to bring your own laptop.