Sea Harbour Police Offers Test Environment Human Action Detection

07 April 2016
16:00h - 19:00h
Organised by:
Sea harbour Police

The Sea Harbour police Rotterdam organises a demonstration and  practical test environment April 7th  for human action detection resources.  Different scenarios will be enrolled. This will offer you the possibility and chance to browse through different technical detection resources and utilities which are used to detect humans. The motive for this test environment are the recent developments and increase in human trafficking, refugees who want to cross borders and enter countries like England. The border patrol and sea harbour police, in cooperation with the national police force, gained experience through the implementation of for instance dogs to detect humans. Besides the use of dogs there is also a demand for technical detection sources. In this meeting several detection resources which can be used within short term time frames are displayed and discussed. Interesting questions are: how and what are the best ways to implement these resources, what impact do they have? There is the opportunity to demonstrate your product or prototype.
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