Riscure Hybrid Workshop 2020

03 September 2020 - 04 September 2020
09:00h - 17:30h
Organised by:
Riscure B.V.
Riscure Hybrid Workshop is the annual event for their customers and professionals interested in the latest developments in software and hardware security from a leading security lab.

In our previous years Riscure hosted this event in 5 different locations, but due to well-known circumstances, they are organizing a hybrid public event.

On September 3-4 they will host this both online and offline event by broadcast live presentations live around the world and invite a small (max 20) visitors by invite only.

Preliminary agenda:

Guest speakers:
* Aydin Aysu, NCSU – Deep Learning
* Patrick Schaumont, WPI – Electronic Design Automation to Detect and Mitigate
Side-channel Leakage

*Niek Timmers, TwentyTwo Security and Cristofaro Mune, Pulse-sec – Fault Injection on a modern chip

Keynote speaker:
*Marc Witteman, Riscure CEO – The latest developments in hardware security and Side Channel / Fault Injection attacks
*Alexandru Geana, Head of Innovation - Covering some of our latest research
Influencing the program counter on a RISC-V chip
* Yashin Mehaboobe & Santiago Cordoba Pellicer on breaking the Secure Boot on an IoT device
* TBD - Recent defense research covering IoT exploitation

Riscure Hardware & Tools Update
Riscure True Code new features
More to follow...

If you would like to attend this event in person and able to arrange travel to Delft, The Netherlands, please get in touch directly with Peter Zuijdervliet at Zuijdervliet@riscure.com. The offline event is invite only.